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What I'd like you to consider is where you belong. Where can you easily fit in? Have you been ready to just buy and hold and arrive at your passive income faster? Have you been ready making it possible to rehab some houses to where you can make bigger checks so you can move into tier four faster? Have you been ready today making it possible to do a tier two lease option to create some dough flow to create some checks later on so you can build up through there?

I ask you those questions for a reason. Associated with because I'd like you to consider something. In the event that you read the content “What's zack childress rei success academy” and “How I Got Started,” you will recognize that wholesaling is only an exit strategy. You should continually be wholesaling the deals that you may not want. Seem sensible now? Good. The stark reality is that you should continually be marketing for tier two, tier three, and tier four. You may not be ready to do tier three or tier four yet, however you still want those deals because the cash could come along, the financing could come along, and you are getting the deals that you might want, but in return, those that do unfit your criteria or those that you can't get funding for or those that just don't sound right in profits; then you definitely wholesale those deals off. So, the question is not why you should be wholesaling. The question is excatly why you are not wholesaling now?

I'd like you to consider that. Wholesaling will be a platform in your property business. We call it the “A B Cs to real estate.” A represents “continually be wholesaling.” B represents “because it always leads to flipping” which creates chunks of cash. C represents “cause it makes cash flow.”

You want to wholesale to find yourself in tier three to flip properties and make big checks. You take tier three's profits and you go out and buy properties to put on them for income. Keep your eye centered on the prize, guys. I am going to tell you right now that the worst thing that may happen is that you may get trapped in this property market model and you wish to follow passive property investing and you wish to build that life, but then you definitely log off track and you start wholesaling and you start doing lease options and rehabs. Then you create another job for yourself and you never truly concentrate on why you started. Remember, always stay centered on why you started and let anything else just be considered a stepping stone to get you to that particular passive cash investing.

So, guys they're the reasons why you should be wholesaling. That's why you should never stop wholesaling. Go out and make it happen. Listen, if you would like the fastest way to find yourself in wholesaling, join board with your co-wholesaling course – REI Quick Cash System, and we can skyrocket your company model as well.

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