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A Synopsis of the Hosting Reseller Business

If you own an internet site and want to get it hosted on a server, you could contact the hosting company directly or a master hosting reseller. A merchant is an intermediary who sells website space/bandwidth to clients on some other person's servers. In doing so, the reseller might be acting in any one of many following capacities regarding the web hosting company:

a) As a real estate agent: In this capacity, s/he is entitled to get a commission from its principle. The reselling business is completed in the name of the hosting company. People buy web space or bandwidth directly from the principle.

b) By being the marketer: The name of the hosting company can be used to run the company, however the client buys from him. All the future communications are with the web hosting company.

c) Pretends as a bunch: You get the web space and bandwidth from the reseller who, subsequently, hosts it at a negotiated price with the actual host. Or, the invoice is drawn by the hosting company in the name of the reseller and it gets the cut. In both cases, you would be determined by the hosting reseller for further services.

d) As the actual buyer: Acting in this capacity, the hosting reseller purchases some part of the server from the host. Then he can divide these into small parts to offer to each of its clients at a profit. The reseller provides all the support services.

One important point to notice is that the problems pertaining to software, hardware, and connectivity are dealt by the key hosting company even though customers are in direct touch with the reseller.

Who is probably be a hosting reseller?

Website designers, web developers, and systems engineers are most probably be so who would be interested in offering a complete array of web solutions to clients under one roof. The hosting reseller manages clients via the web interface or'control panels'(Plesk, Helm, cpanel).

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