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The Facts Behind Leaflet Distribution

A general perception of leaflet distribution -

i.e. receiving advertising/promotional material through the door - is that most people see it to be an annoyance, and that a minority tend to behave positively upon such literature. However, this may possibly not be as close to reality as you may think.

In the present digital age, where e-commerce is a dominant force in most market, it appears that direct mail, or door to door leaflet distribution jobs may be slightly outdated and largely ineffectual from the might of television and online advertising. Again, this perception is flawed.

The development of digital accessibility and the general improvement inside our ability to work in an online sphere has led to a better exertion of control over all facets of our lives. From banking and shopping to research and communication, the amount of choice, control, and influence we've has been raised to unprecedented levels courtesy of the internet.

However, as opposed to wholly replacing previous method of communication or shopping, this new wave of digital activity has supplemented it. For example, visiting a shop online to test if they have a certain item in stock before visiting the shop face-to-face to make the purchase is a common procedure. As is signing up for online banking but additionally making appointments in branch to talk about financial issues.

Advertising is the same. While we might spend more and more of our time online, digital advertising has not completely usurped the position of offline marketing.

In a survey carried out by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), the persistence of offline marketing is evident in the face of increasingly negative perceptions. Take the statistic for instance that 72% of the receiving door drop items take some kind of action in reaction to the promotional material they receive. Furthermore, 66% of 15-34 year olds claim to have positively acted consequently of finding a leaflet through their doors. Such figures indicate that leaflet distribution still retains a robust presence in society.

Further findings of the investigation show that 84% of survey respondents took action on receipt of a discount/money off voucher they have received through their letterboxes. Such a high statistic may be surprising to many, however in fact demonstrates the continued influence that direct marketing can have on consumer activity.

The study covered the UK as a whole, and so indicates that leaflet distribution in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland has undergone an encouraging period within the last few years, with a degree of stability in the face of newer advertising channels.

So when you write off direct marketing, take a moment to examine the figures, and you might find that the perceptions people once had of a have already been exaggerated. At the conclusion of the day, while many may nothing like receiving leaflets through their door, who likes to watch adverts among their favorite programmers, or be bombarded with ad messages online when attempting to view a website? It's fundamentally an incident of targeting the right people who have the right message. If those two aspects are considered, the channel through which the message is delivered won't make all that much of a difference.

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