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Transportation: Getting Around in St Petersburg

Being fully a huge metropolis, there are always a number of transportation methods for going around in St. Petersburg. For tourists, punting outside is recommended for discovering new places, while it is most beneficial to cover large distances using the public transport. While travelling in this city your choices will include a large transit system, bus, cab, tram and even a subway.

 An odd truth is that most the modes of transport seem to stop after nightfall, rendering it difficult to locate a cab after dark. That said practically every vehicle may be used as a cab by just hailing any car and spending money on your ride, which will be considered normal in the city.

However, for travelers who are alone, asking your hotel reception to book a cab for you personally or pay among the hotel staff to operate a vehicle you is undoubtedly the best and safest method of travelling in the town through the night time.

In the summertime, taking city sightseeing tour Saint Petersburg via boat trips along the countless rivers and canals that loop around St. Petersburg provides the traveler an alternative perspective of the town altogether. If you wish to immerse yourself in the beauty of this city, some of the finest Cruise Tour in Saint Petersburg will make this possible.

Public boat rides
Using among the public boats is attractive to visitors who such as for instance a slow paced tour and who don't mind being with fifty other tourists aboard a ship. Many of the city sightseeing tours in Saint Petersburg, that offer cruise tours, also provide the timings of departure from the key waterways of the town like Fontanka and Nevsky.

Private boat rides
Unlike the large Cruise Tour in St Petersburg that is not able to navigate through the countless small rivers and canals in St Petersburg, Chartering a tiny private guide in st petersburg boat could be advantageous in more ways than one. By getting an exclusive tour guide by among the city sightseeing tour St Petersburg operators, the tourist is enabled to take pleasure from the serene beauty of the hidden aspects of the city.

La Gondolas
Another popular method of touring the countless beautiful rivers and canals of St Petersburg is by the gondola. For the gondolier, you are able to row a gondola by visiting among the various gondola operators in the city. Most of them are observed floating near the town center.

Hydrofoil rides
If pushing with a rod is not for you personally, city sightseeing tour in St Petersburg also provides other options, such as the hydrofoil. This excellent vessel makes you feel riding above the waves, rendering it the best water sport for open waters.
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