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Difficulties Vs Solutions.

The statement that each problem is born having its IT Ally solution has been said in lots of ways within the centuries by some wise people. One of the very most common quotes is, "A problem simply cannot exist unless the solution for this exists at the say time ".The street slang translation of this really is, you got problem than you got solution. When you think of problems and solutions, think of the yin/yang symbol with this little dot of yin within yang and the little dot of yang within yin.

That said, problem solving should be considered a simple thing to do. But, as you know that's not always the case. Finding your solution is often overshadowed by your think, think, think conscious mind. Combine experiences held in your subconscious together with your logical thinking, and you are able to develop lots of reasions for not being able to see your solution. In addition, you could be thinking so difficult about your condition that you only don't have any energy left to locate a solution.

Sometimes the solution is a path that results in a lesson that will help in your life's journey. Sometimes the search for a solution goes in to the unknown. Deepak Chopra has said that the unknown is high in potential. To have that lesson or potential you first need to shift your focus from the situation to the solution. When you are focused on the situation, blinders block your view of the solution. How many times perhaps you have or someone you know discussed a problem, but never mentioned the term solution? In the course of your typical work day how many times do you hear the term problem, or words that imply a problem? How many times in that same period do your hear the words solution or answer?

Maybe you have let your pet off his lease, looked away for only a minute to accomplish something, and when you appear back he is gone? You stand there calling and calling your dog's name until finally you just stop trying and turn around. When this occurs you see your pet sitting patiently, and undoubtedly wondering why it took you way too long to turn around. When you change and shift your attention away from the situation, sometimes the solution is there facing you.

Meditation and Japanese styles of Usui Reiki help you to learn to shift your focus from energy draining problems, to a situation where you can see solutions. The method by which Reiki looks at well-being instead of the illness is a good exemplory instance of overlooking the situation to be able to begin to see the solution. Medical professionals focus on the illness so that they may diagnose and prescribe treatments. Reiki professionals trust in universal wisdom and focus on medical and happiness of the life span form they plan to transfer to their state of well-being. Hippocrates said, "The physician treats, but nature heals"; nature looks at the vitality of health, not the disease.


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