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How to Create a Excellent Weblog Post

If you have a blog you're likely well aware that filling your blog with content can be quite time-consuming. You intend to write a great blog post that gets attention both from your own return visitors and from the search engines.

In order to achieve this it's good to truly have a process. The method below is usually the one I provided for my virtual assistant to help me keep my blog populated with rich content that helps my readers build their businesses. I hope it helps you to set up your personal process.


The goal of this work is to organize blog posts for publishing. Posts will undoubtedly be saved in WordPress and assigned to a Virtual Assistant. The assistant will then join and prepare posts for the next week.

Information & Websites Needed:

- Blog Login

- Wordtracker Keyword Tool Login

- Stock Exchange

- iStockPhoto


1. Login to WordPress and click the'Calendar'link under'Posts'in order to see what blog posts are to be scheduled for the next week. You will dsicover the Editorial Calendar and the dates with scheduled posts. Hold down the'Ctrl'button when you hover within on the blog post you want to edit and then click the'Edit'link. This may start the post in a fresh tab while keeping the editorial calendar open so you can get back to it and edit another post.

(Note: Step 1 requires you've the free Editorial Calendar plugin installed in your blog)

2. Next you will need to organize the blog post to be published. Here are the steps:

Keyword Subject:

Use Wordtracker to check up a keyword phrase for the post. Spend about 5-10 minutes on the keyword research. If you're able to incorporate the phrase in to the post subject achieve this when it makes sense.


Incorporate the keyword phrase in to the blog post title where appropriate.

Bolding & Italics:

Use bolding and italics to draw interest where appropriate and useful.


Add a picture from the stock photo site. Add a button that advertises any related products when appropriate. When saving the image for uploading, save it with the keyword phrase. Also utilize the keyword phrase in the alt tag for the image.

Select Category:

Use the appropriate category for the post. The three main categories are Articles, Blog Posts and Video - then you will find sub-categories for every single of these three main ones.


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