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Land Branding As a result of Operation Businesses along with Overseas Philippine Individuals.

So Maxs, Chowking, Gerry's Grill and Red Ribbon are on the market in the United States; Baliwag Lechon Manok and Liempo is in Singapore; Gingersnaps in Thailand and together with Island Souvenir in Singapore; Goldilocks in Canada; Potato Corner in the US, Panama, Indonesia and Malaysia; Fiorgelato Ice Cream in Malaysia; Pancake House can be in Indonesia. Of course we have Jollibee, which not only penetrated the US market but in addition in other areas of the globe. Bayad Center too is now in the USA.

Wait! Are you currently working in Dubai? Filipino franchises are breaking new ground and establishing the Filipino method of doing business. The Philippines is now savoring the much-awaited recognition by the global community especially in the name of business. More and more Filipino entrepreneurs come in high spirit to explore and conquer the world. Meantime additionally there are Filipinos that are residents of different countries who began a company and now bringing it back once again to the country.

An illustration is Tin Hao Dimsum, which began in Vancouver Canada by young Filipino migrant couple and spreading in numerous parts of the metropolis. Every Filipino who sees these brands automatically gets magnetized to have a long hard look, smile and boasts to friends. It will be nice to possess these brands also project the Filipino hospitality and the Filipino warmth. Now, that's what I call our distinct brand. The Filipino hospitality is legend and our family ties, which are bound tight from cradle to grave, may also be legendary.

Franchises like Singaporean brands (Bread Talk, Toastbox), Korean brands (Face Shop, Samsung, etc) and Japanese brands (UCC, Yoshinoya, etc.) inevitably bring with them the characteristics of the nation of origin. This is one way we are able to attract tourists to go to our beloved country. Since the junk food chains conquer foreign shores, they will also inevitably recruit more tourists into our shores.

What is our country's brand? Could it be what we eat? So, it may then be adobo. Or could it be the dried fish? I believe Adobo makes an improved statement, and brings with it our originality. Every household has its Adobo recipe. Every restaurant has its secret ingredient, be it more garlic, or different vinegar, or what've you. What we eat is part of our country brand. Like Kim chi is to Koreans and Sushi is to Japan. Adobo should be Filipino.

Next are our TV shows or telenovelas. Can it be as global whilst the Korean telenovelas? Or even we ought to just capitalize on the singers we're so happy with like Lea Salonga and Charice. In the end, they're already global talents.

Then, we've our beaches in Bohol and Boracay and our underground river in Palawan, that is now among the 7 Wonders of Nature. Are we branded whilst the Islands in the Pacific? You can find other beaches around the globe but we always claim ours to function as the best.

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