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Twitter Followers and Your Business

What is the significance of having lots of Twitter followers?
Debates have raged back and forth on Twitter about quality versus quantity as Twitter has been used to monetize many businesses from Dell, Threadless, and Zappos to the countless number of small businesses utilising the service to increase their brand around the world. Here would be the 2 reasoned explanations why having good sized quantities seem sensible and the 2 reasoned explanations why all of it comes down seriously to quality.

1. Big is not necessarily better, unless it is perceived as better. Say what? For me personally having 20,000 followers is doesn't matter, except for the extra perceived business value that comes with the statement. That may be the tipping point for a company deal, partnership, etc. What I'm saying is that it's not important if you ask me, but maybe it's crucial that you someone else and on the planet of business that is important.See where to buy Twitter followers.
As an example, you are in marketing and want to bring in a huge company as a client. You've done a great pitch and maybe need one last item to sweeten the deal. They ask, "What have you any idea about social networking?" Telling them that you've 20,000 followers on Twitter would be a smart way to increase your potential with the company versus 1,000. Whether right or wrong perceived value originates from having these followers.
2. More eyeballs equals more money. In reality, most companies have still not fully transitioned from traditional marketing to social media. The reason this is important is really because big business by and large still advertise their services and goods close to the way it was done 10, 15, and even 20 years ago. They view Twitter as a large free newspaper. Every post can be an ad. Every tweet is just a "special deal ".
Using the ideas of traditional media, when you yourself have an ad that fades to 100,000 people and.1% call you back and buy your product then you definitely are happy. Take that to another level with social media. Instead to do 1 ad that gets you 100 people buying your product, you can do 30 ads to 100,000 people and maybe 1000 people to purchase your product that month. The funny thing is that to a level that does make extra business, because you'll always find someone to obtain a quality product from an established brand. At the same time, I know that there are tremendous opportunity costs being lost.
So now that individuals have the argument for quantity, let us take a look at quality:
1. The important thing word listed here is social media. In order to really get your word out you have to be social by building relationships. I know for an undeniable fact that I have not connected with every person that follows me. It is physically impossible. In reality I likely have spoken to about 30-40% of the people that follow me within the last year. That is still lots of contact.
When you have 100 followers you can keep track and manage this effectively. On the flip side, I'm writing this information at 5:30 each morning and in accordance with Twitter, the most recent 20 tweets happened in the last 5 seconds. Additionally while I'm writing this 80 more tweets have just appeared in waiting for me to recycle them in and find out what the individuals have said.
2. Twitter was put up to be a place where people could build relationships. In the walls of the 140 character tweet lies immense power to change people's view of the entire world and you. Additionally, one line is all it requires to get in touch you with someone in Indonesia, Australia, and England. The more relationships you can establish on these sites the more you'll become successful.
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