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hiring a freelancer  writer is unquestionably much easier today than it ever was in the past.

This really is largely because before, there were no platforms which had listings of freelance writers. One had to depend on person to person, which was largely concentrated to specific geographies only.

In this regard, the Internet has certainly gone ahead and changed the dynamics in this realm completely. One can be positioned in almost any part of the world and yet be able to hire a freelance writer who is in turn positioned in say a very different geography. So in a sense, geographical distance or location simply doesn't matter in today's day and age, as it pertains to hiring a freelance writer.

This has also changed the fee specific dynamics in really a big way. In the end, if suppose as a possible employer, you were situated in the United States and were in turn buying freelance writer also situated in the United States, you'd not really be able to pay below a particular threshold level.

But on freelance online portals, that is really not a matter of concern since you can easily hire an expert who is located is say countries like India where the expense of living is unquestionably much less than in the United States and therefore can be hired for much less. And mind you, lower fee does certainly not translate to poor quality - we ourselves know of hundreds and tens of thousands of employers in the United States who've all hired professionals in India with good quality of output, while at the same time managing to save on costs tremendously.

All this points to one direction that is the fact that one does need to check closely at freelance platforms, when it comes to hiring a freelance writer. No doubt, there are situations the place where a freelance professional initially hired, turns out to be always a complete dud, but honestly that takes place regardless of whether the professional is really a local or a foreign resident; one's geographical location often has hardly any to do with the particular quality of output.


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