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How to Begin a New Weblog Website With No Encounter

a blog website  When you yourself have decided you intend to enter blogging or that you intend to see what it will be like to have your own personal blog, you will require a site of your set up on the Web. Sounds complicated, and expensive. But it's neither. There are a great number of choices of sites and software available to create your own personal blog site, so many that it may be mind boggling.

If you are not a website design expert and if you aren't ready to create a financial commitment to presenting your blog site up and running, additionally there are choices for you. The two services I'm working together with within my blog-exploration are Blogger and WordPress. To have a free account, your website will need to end with either "" (Blogger) or "" To get a site such as for example "" you will need to pay for a domain name of your, which you are able to do later if you decide to.

You do not have to understand any web programming languages to produce your website on Blogger or WordPress. You just create an account and start the method of "designing" your site. There's an understanding curve for anyone people who've never done this before, however it is simply a matter of choosing from a collection of'themes'and'layouts'and saving your work. You may get as sophisticated as you would like, but to obtain a basic blog up and running you are able to pretty much choose your theme and layout and click to "publish" your site.

So that your blog site is up and ready to go. To start posting to it, you only sign in and create "new posts ".They will display in reverse chronological order in your blog,


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