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The Microsoft Exchange Server is really a powerful business software that's used to provide secure business communications, facilitate business management. This great software is employed by 1000s of successful businesses, mainly due to the capability to simplify communications and enhances business productivity. product exchange hosting includes Microsoft Exchange Server preinstalled on the net server, ready to be useful for no extra cost. Microsoft Exchange Email hosting is great for business owners that want to take advantage of Microsoft Exchange Server, without having to spend hundreds of pounds on the software. The info below outlines the benefits of Windows Exchange hosting.

Windows Exchange Hosting Features

The main advantage of Windows Exchange Email Hosting Plans is you will get access to a fully functional copy of Windows Exchange Server, as well as the server resources the application needs. You will have the ability to Co-ordinate and streamline work flow with advanced features, including group meetings, message threads, realtime Outlook Web Access (OWA) synchronisation, and automatic grouping of a domain's global address book between mailboxes. Windows Exchange hosting should have comprehensive support with the use of software and server management assistance. Windows Exchange hosting includes a huge bandwidth and 4GB storage, providing easy transmission of large amounts of data.

Spend less with Windows Exchange Hosting

Establishing a Windows Exchange solution yourself can be quite costly. First, you've to purchase a license of Microsoft Exchange Server, and set it up in your Web server. To set up Microsoft Exchange Server software, you will have to have use of a passionate or virtual private server hosting solution, which is much more expansive when compared to a Microsoft exchange hosting service. Microsoft exchange hosting costs around £10 per month, per mailbox. To warrant investing the amount of money for a passionate Web server and a license of Microsoft Windows exchange you'd need around 150 employees / mailboxes to make it worthwhile.

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