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The Growing Trend Of Online Home Delivery Businesses In Dubai

The UAE can be an alliance of seven different Emirates; they are- Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain. The junk food joints and quick service restaurants are putting their efforts to prepare quick and convenient alternatives for delivery of goods altogether. Home delivery is one of many growing markets in the United Arab Emirates. Nowadays, the style and ordering via internet from various restaurants have simplified the lives of the folks residing in the country.

Online Service delivery of a product or service is a form of E-commerce that enables the customers to purchase goods and services over the internet.

There are three aspects of online delivery:
1. Online shopping,
2. Online food ordering, and
3. Online grocery

The Ongoing Trends
There are thousands of online delivery websites in UAE, Dubai. They're also referred to as online delivery directories. These websites regularly publish a listing of menus of different restaurants or companies along with their contact details. The majority of the companies listed in these websites have 100 percent established delivery supply chains offering guaranteed quick home delivery or even take away options. Not merely this, some companies have their own individual websites to cater the personal needs of the people. But, more than 95 percent of the websites are owned by the most effective players in the company.

The concept delivery system has immensely contributed towards the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. Not merely this, the major companies experienced a significant upsurge in the demand for the customers relies solely on them. Therefore, this was also reflected in the growth of previous year (2014), when the development of top players was continuously increasing whereas on another hand the demand for the little players was declining.

The Competitive Landscape
It had been reported that the demand for online delivery products such as for instance gift delivery, grocery delivery, cake delivery and flower delivery in Al-Ain Dubai experienced major growth. The key reason with this growth was as a result of upsurge in the amount of an expatriate in Dubai and fast & convenient delivery services provided by the brands. The majority of the outlets have extended their premium services to outlet services.

The majority of the local stores, shops, restaurants and outlets extended their wide variety of products and services online to different segments for cooked foodstuffs, ready-to-cook foods, cafeterias, banks, bakeries, dry cleaning, music shops, medicines, flower shops and more, to cater the demand of the delivery business.

The trend of online delivery, home delivery or takeaway has highly impacted on the junk food restaurants outlets negatively. Nowadays, all of the individuals order online delivery as opposed to planning to nearby junk food restaurants outlets. Therefore, the market size and share value of restaurants experienced a significant decline last year.

Guidelines the few examples of the services that are now trending in UAE, Dubai:
1. Organic Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables- Organic farmers in Dubai grow best organic fruits, seasonal produce and vegetables, delivery products to home through a procedure of ordering online.
2. Flower ad Gifts- Using different online websites to flower delivery Dubai style. They give a wide variety of flowers and gifts solution for the customers.
3. Fast food- There are many online restaurant directories that caters more than 2 lakh set of restaurants to select from, offering multi-cuisines in Dubai.

The Future Prospects
A continuously increasing demand for home delivery services will further impact in the decline of demand for outlets. Furthermore, the outlet services business is, however, catering an influx of tourist only. The key contribution of the countries logistics players provide practical, managerially and the political possibility of the businesses.
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