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Dubai - A Global Hub of Emerging Industries


Do you want to start a business in Dubai? Are you currently trying to find what type of business you need to focus on? We've brought answers to your questions. This guide will help you understand just why you need to start a business in Dubai and will explain the types of businesses in Dubai.

Dubai is a global business hub. It provides usage of about 1.5 billion industries situated in a variety of countries. The city has majorly developed as a global center, and there's massive development observed in IT solutions in Dubai and finance companies.

The federal government in Dubai also supports for business setup in dubai. You will find free-zones/centers which can be established throughout the city to attract tourists, and it has been Dubai's greatest economic achievement. The introduction of Dubai Internet City and Media City brought new technological advancements in the field of telecom and IT solutions in Dubai. Dubai has, therefore, attracted many media and IT Solution companies to determine their base in the city.


The majority of the people genuinely believe that the revenue in Dubai is mostly generated from oil and gas industry but, in fact the town uses only a tiny amount of revenue from oil and gas industry, whereas nearly all of it's generated from the infrastructure, tourism, telecom and software industries and IT solutions.

Information and Technology in Dubai

The IT industry- IT Solutions in Dubai is growing at an immense rate in Dubai. These IT Solutions get attracted to Dubai because of numerous reasons. Among the most important reasons is redemption from tax incentives provided by the government. IT Solutions is one of the strongest job areas. There are several types of IT companies. A number of them are computer research, networking, database administrators and software companies.

Software Industry in Dubai

The software industry in Dubai is vigorous as compared to other cities in the region. The lack of trade barriers to attracting foreign competitors has encouraged the growth of the application industry. The retail market includes distributors of imported products along with developmental firms. There are lots of Indian-owned companies. The software industry is rapidly growing and has a bright scope for future.

Telecom Industry in Dubai

The telecommunication market in Dubai has grown at an immense rate propelled by growing construction and IT solutions over the past several years, and the increasing standards of living have increased the demand for digital products.

This industry offers voice communications, television services, data recording and analysis, graphic designing, and video streams. The Internet, Wireless services, Internet, and cable distribution have seen a significant growth. The has a good outlook money for hard times

Oil and Gas Industry in Dubai

The Region of Middle East is in rich with Oil & Gas Resources. The crude oil reserves in the Middle Eastern and South Africa (MENA) reported being 69 percent with over 1000 billion barrels. Not just this, the MENA region contributed over 31 percent to the entire world production along with 50% of export. This clearly shows the fundamental of the region to the present and prospect of the worldwide oil marketplace. The wealth of the Dubai and its swift revolutions from a toward the rear desert region to at least one with a flourishing market have now been made potential by income from oil exports. Dubai may be the subsequently leading oil producer in the United Arab Emirates after Abu Dhabi, except its production is continuously decreasing day by day. The main reason for the decreasing production is as a result of rising demand for oil and gas. The city is already producing enough of the supply in comparison to one other countries, nevertheless the supply is not enough to cater the demand.

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